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National Atlas of protected areas – nature.mk

The project itself is of national importance because it will create a base of information for each protected area, maps, videos, 360° photography that will create National Atlas of nature values and protected areas that will be used to raise the awareness on a national level about the importance of the PAs but will also be used for local economic development, entrepreneurship and green businesses creation, tourist information and education.

All protected areas will benefit by getting a visual promotional identity and will be part of a joint communication strategy for all PAs.


Protected Areas hold great potential to support sustainable tourism and local development. These opportunities for them remain underused and under-promoted. Additionally, it is a general conclusion that local people are not involved in the management of the Protected Areas, but they partially use/abuse the ecosystem potentials of the protected areas for generating personal income. This way of utilizing the ecosystem services cannot initiate local economic development, support green businesses establishment, and catalyze sustainable tourism and sustainable use of ecosystem services.

This project will bring many benefits for the local people and the environment promoting the Protected Areas through joint communication platform on one national level.

This will be achieved by:

  • Communication, education and public awareness-raising (CEPA)
  • Monitoring of species and habitats
  • Creating a national platform for other “Improving the management of protected areas”
    – UNDP initiatives in frame of the web and mobile platform”
  • Sustainable tourism and recreation development
  • Thousands of inhabitants living around protected areas in our country will learn more responsible ways of promotion and utilization.
  • Established a “two-way” communication system between protected areas and all potential visitors and tourists.
  • Local people will benefit from this project.
  • Better quality of 24h promotion will attract more tourists.
  • Local people will benefit from using more sustainable methods and they will save money by using a free platform to promote their protected areas.
  • The many rare and threatened species that live in protected areas will have a much better cohabitation in their natural habitat.


Ministry of environment and physical planning & all UNDP – Protecting nature for a sustainable future financed initiative


This project is funded by the European Union and implemented in partnership with, UNDP and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning


“KOCKA” Training Institute is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization; we provide training and consultancy services for/to NGOs/CSOs, International Development organizations, units of Local Self Government (LSG), business and, if requested, for/to governmental institutions.

Excellent reputation follows our organisation and is recognized and respected by the civil society, and international sector, for combining our skills and training methods and for using specific participatory facilitation techniques, built by utilizing various ToT courses.


This website has been created purely for educational and non-commercial purposes in frames of UNDP project „National Atlas of protected areas – nature.mk” implemented by Training Institute Kocka – Skopje.

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This is specific platform inside the Nature.mk platform, called web shop. Here where interested citizens and stakeholders have the opportunity use this platform to buy and sell characteristic products and souvenirs from specificic PA in our country (such as entrance fees, souvenirs, specific products from the particular protected area).
Тука е предвидена специјална веб продавница во рамки на Националниот Атлас на заштитени подрачја-nature.mk, каде сите заинтересирани страни (жители во рамки на заштитените подрачја, национални паркови итн.) имаат можност да ги понудат (продаваат/купуваат) своите карактеристични продукти од нивните заштитени подрачја (како влезници, сувенири, специфични производи за одреденото заштитени подрачје).