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Koleshino Falls

Koleshino Falls is located above the village of Koleshino in the Municipality of Novo Selo in the southeastern region of the Republic of N.Macedonia. Flowing from the Baba River, the waterfall is found at an elevation of 610 metres on the Mount Belasica. The waterfall gently falls over the stone cliffs nestled in the forest of Mount Belasica at a height of 19 metres (62 ft.) in multiple watery streams only to reform into the river below.

It is enchanting in every season. During the summer it will refresh you with its clean mountain air, and in winter it will astonish you with its frozen beauty. It is found at an elevation of 610 meters on the Baba River in the heart of the Belasica Mountain, surrounded by maple trees and stone cliffs. The water of this waterfall falls from the height of 19 metres. Imagine walking through a forest on a relaxing sunny afternoon hike. It is a pleasant day and the temperatures in the mountain village are cooler and the air is more refreshing than the heat of the valley. Your path crisscrosses a small stream. At a small bridge you stop and peer into the crystal, clear water at the crayfish swimming just below the surface. You continue; the path is parallel to the stream and then crosses it again with another small, wooden bridge. For a moment you get lost in the artistry of nature in springtime bloom and you forget your destination. But then you hear it. It’s the sound of rushing water and you look ahead. Around the bend you begin to see it: Kolesino Waterfall. Nestled within the foliage of Bеlasica Mountain, above the village of Kolesino, is the Kolesino Waterfall. With pure, clear water from the Baba River, the Kolesino Waterfall gently flows over the hillside in a beautiful and rhythmic ballet of multiple watery streams. After this brief 19 meter dance (62 ft.), these various streams reform into the river and carry on down the mountain. You can enjoy these Kolesino Waterfall from a variety of viewpoints, whether the bridge directly in front of the waterfall or from one of the resting benches to the side. If you feel particularly adventurous, an additional path winds up the side of the hill and you can stand alongside the river as it slips down below. There are even covered gazebo areas for picnicking if you that wish to have a brief snack at the site.

  • Location:

    Belasica Mountain – near Kolesino village

  • Max. heigh:

    15 m

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