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Monospitovo Swamp

The Monospitovsko Blato is a large swamp, located ten kilometers northeast of Strumica, in the valley of the Old River which along the Struma and the Turija River differs through the Strumica Valley. It is assumed that the marsh is a remnant of the once large lake that formed twenty million years ago at the time when the Aegean mainland was formed, and later flowed into the Aegean Sea. The marsh is located at 240 meters above sea level, which with its rich flora and fauna is the only marsh area in Macedonia. In the past, the marsh covered an area of ​​about 5,000 hectares, and now the famous barely covers 400 hectares.


Surrounded by many species of trees, ferns, reeds and countless birds, this monument of nature is reminiscent of a small jungle that still houses unique plants and animals that are not found elsewhere, not only in Macedonia, but also in the Balkans. The Monospitovo Swamp has been characterized by great biodiversity in the past, but there is still little data on this area, with the exception of some algae research, higher plants and plant communities. Therefore, it is not easy to compare the former state of biodiversity with that of today, but the degradation that continues today is clearly visible. They refer to the diversity of habitats, plant communities, flora, diatomaceous algae, some invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. With handmade objects of cane, wood and canvas, the local population of the village of Monospitovo is largely preparing to attract tourists to the Monospitovo swamp which has begun to revitalize. Through training they rebuilt extinct crafts that were once the only existence beside the famous swamp. Wooden boats (sailing boats in the Monospitovsky Swamp), moorings and reeds, various decorative items of clay, cane and canvas are offered to guests when they come to enjoy the rich flora and fauna of the Monospitovsky Swamp.


  • Location:

    Municipality of Bosilovo  ( near Strumica, Republic of Macedonia)

  • Area:

    8.51 km2

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