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Park Gazi Baba

Gazi Baba – an artificially raised forest, which from its inception until today, has become a true biocenosis with all its attributes. It is located in the center of Skopje, on the hill of the same name. Due to its enormous importance, by decision of the City of Skopje, the forest is protected as a “characteristic landscape”. The characteristic landscape Gazi Baba as a protected area is under the jurisdiction of the City of Skopje and is managed by the public company Parks and Greenery. In 2015 the forest was declared a monument of nature.

The park forest to the north borders the municipality of Butel, Butel 2, to the east Gazi Baba, Zelezara and Avtokomanda, to the south by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Stiv Naumov Dormitory and the Faculty of Forestry and Forestry. west with the municipality of Cair. The characteristic landscape of Gazi Baba was formed in the fifties of the 20th century with the primary and sole purpose – sanitary-hygienic protection against emissions from the former Ironworks and preventing them from dispersing into the interior of a city which was then of considerably smaller size. However, the forest is now located in the center of the city, and its basic sanitary-hygienic function is supplemented by a cultural-educational and tourist-recreational function.

The total area of ​​Gazi Baba’s characteristic landscape is 102.44 hectares. There are a large number of varieties of foliage and coniferous trees and shrubs and the most common are black pine, oak, oak and others.

The significance of the Gazi Baba forest expressed in figures annually is that it:

  • binds 1,323.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide;
  • Дува releases 970.64 tonnes of oxygen;
  • 5 filters 5,294 tons of dust;
  • Ра Absorbs 8,824 kg of sulfur dioxide from the air and the same amount of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides;

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