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Vevcani Springs

Vevcani springs are 900 m above sea level. In 1997 they were declared as the monument of nature. In 2012 they were redeclared as a protected area – Nature’s monument with a total surface of 1370 ha. From the center of Vevcani to the Springs you can get by foot for just 7 minutes on asphalted roud. Vevcani’s springs are featured with rich biological diversity and they are one of the most visited places in the country.

During evening hours you can visit the springs because there are street lights, even there are lights under the water, which gives a special site to the springs. The bundance of water that is coming out of the caves is a special attraction for the tourists. The whole place around the springs is adjusted as a picnic area so that tourist can sit and enjoy, there are even three little churches that are open for a visit at any time and very much enjoyable. The area of the springs has informational boards where tourists can get to know the biological diversity better.

The area of the inside of the springs is a combination from 7 smaller springs which are merging and make the flow of Vevcani’s River.

The water from the spring comes from an underground path that is 100 meters long and her height difference is 10 meters high. Throughout a long period of observation, it is established that an average of 1500 l per second of water flow through the spring which part of it is used for drinking water and some part for watering the fields. This beautiful abundance of water is bigger during springtime until June or July, and during this period of time, there is a special beauty in the springs.


The local citizens use this site not only for relaxing and vacation but also for religious purposes.

The area includes a number of paths and boardwalks and is popular with locals for picnics and as a place to cool off on hot days, though it’s a beautiful, contemplative spot at any time of year.

The climate on the Vevcani Springs area is moderate continental, modified with a special climate on the local area, and in the higher grounds, it is a mountain limate. The average temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius. The coldest months are January and February and the warmest are July and August with an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. The average amount of rain is 1000mm, with the biggest amount during the winter months and the smaller amount of rains during the summer months. The relative humidity of the air is 70-74%, the winds are divided to constant: the north wind that blows along the valley of river Crn Drim in the winter months and brings freshness in the summer and the south wind that blows from the lake towards the land, and the local wind that blows from the mountain towards the settlements “Dolga” and “Sredni rid”. Vevcani is situated in the Ohrid – Struga area (2.355h) which is featured with long-lasting sun glow. However, considering the geographical position that Vevcani has, that sun glow has very little significance expressed in hours. The main hydrographical artery on the territory of Vevcani is Vevcani’s river which passes through the settlement and flows into the river Crn Drim. Its springs are at the east slopes of mountain Jablanica, near the settlement at the altitude of 950m above sea level, and they are settled among the tyrianic limestone. Their yield in wet periods is
about 1500l/s, but according to some measurements, the yields are 400-450l/s. These springs represent one of the rarer of its kind in our country and as such, they are our natural monument. Because of all these features and its ambient values, it represents a natural place for rest and relaxation.

Besides this spring there are other mountain springs as a fossil, glacial cirque also there is a small mountain lake called – „loch“. The community is water supplied by the river and the natural springs and streams from the mountain, and these springs and streams give a special beauty to the community.


  • Location:

    Мunicipality of Vevcani, 6335, N. Macedonia

  • Elevation:

    900 – 950 m

  • Area:

    1370 ha (min. – 1000 m ; max. – 2078 m)

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